B3 Music Shop, d.o.o. training l.t.d. company

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Company B3 Music Shop was established in 2009. The training company is run by students from class 4.b in „Ekonomska i trgovačka škola Čakovec“ (School of business and trade). There are 20 employees including the Director and 4 departments.

The aim of the training companies is a connection between theoretical and technical subject within business and trade.

Our business is selling musical instruments and equipment. Our mission is to become the leading training company in the market of musical instruments and equipment in the northern part of Croatia. This year we participated in „Fair of training firms“ in Gudovec near Bjelovar within the IPA project. Our partner company „Euro-Unit“ helped us to prepare for the Fair and provided us with the promotion materials and instruments which were exhibited at our stand on the Fair. 


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